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AUEB Profiles is an initiative that aims to promote AUEB Graduate Programs and member profiles of the academic community (faculty members, research staff, students, administrative staff, etc.) to public interesting parties, in order to further strengthen and promote AUEB activities and facilitate international collaboration. AUEB Profiles offers a set of e-Services as follows:

AUEB Graduate Programs

  • Search for AUEB graduate programs through a set of alternative parameters, as study type (part time - full time), teaching language and interdisciplinary graduate programs
  • View AUEB graduate programs contact info to facilitate direct communication
  • Access to the Official Sites of all AUEB graduate programs
  • Access to the alternative Social Networks of all AUEB graduate programs (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.)

AUEB Members of the Academic Community

  • Direct search in AUEB members database in order to access full member profiles
  • Search for AUEB members based on AUEB membership status - category (faculty members, research staff, students, administrative staff, etc.)
  • Search based on AUEB department for specific member categories (faculty members, undergraduate students, PhD students)
  • Search for graduate students based on AUEB graduate program they participate
  • View basic info, contact info and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc.)
  • Access full AUEB member profiles (short presentation & CV, research interests, languages, professional experience, education, publications, projects - programs, participation in AUEB research labs and professional associations, certifications, etc.)
  • View specific details based on membership - category (e.g. level, management position and teaching position for faculty members)